Spare parts

  • Car shock absorbers
  • Brake discs
  • Car domes
  • Brake kit
  • Car lights
  • Ball bearing
  • Clutches
  • sensor ring (abs)
  • Front system
  • Car radiators
  • Brake kit
  • Filters
  • Car scissors

Spare parts – Protogeros Parts

Our goal is for each customer to leave with maximum satisfaction in terms of speed and service quality.

Having years of experience in the world of spare parts we understand that the biggest complaint is the speed of service, which is due to poor organization. Τα προγράμματά μας ενημερώνονται συνεχώς καθώς η εποχή των χειρόγραφων είναι πολύ πίσω μας και προσπαθούμε η τεχνολογία μας να είναι πάντα επίκαιρη.

The store employees with respect and patience will listen to your requests and do everything to help you. Our dedication to our customers and our work are the rules in our shop.

“Every day and better”

What do I need to find the parts I want?

If you call us then we need:
  • Frame number *
  • The brand
  • The model
  • The date
  • The date *
  • Your full name *
and the name of the part you want (* essential)

How soon can I have the spare part(s)?

Depending on the spare part you want, if it is in our warehouses then it is ready for delivery, while if it happens to be in short supply it can be delivered or picked up in 1-14 days.

You sell used parts

It’s a question we get sometimes and the answer is no we don’t have used parts.